Straight Copy Typing Tools

I created this software to help students practice typing and to relieve teachers the burden of grading straight copy typing exercises. In light of feedback from customers I gained insights into human-computer interaction and the diffusion of computer innovations. After many encounters with users and subsequent development efforts, I created a business to market the software in 1992. A year later I sold the rights to copy the software in Canada to a publisher in Toronto. SCoTT ran on the old Disk Operating System (DOS), but I rewrote part of the program in order to learn Java.

The first of the three images below is the initial screen in the Java version. The top half of the window displays the lines of text to be typed.

Straight Copy Typing

In the lower part of the frame, students type the lines of text displayed. As shown below, I stopped typing text after the fourth line.

First Four Lines of Text have been typed

The software displayed typing speed (in words per minute) and an error tally. Also, each line typed by the student was displayed below the original line. Errors are generally highlighted in red, although duplicate words appeared in blue.

Speed and Error Tally determined by software