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In my work I seek to gain insights into learning and then apply what I discover to the development of instruction. I seek to create effective, efficient, and inspiring instruction, which I call elegant instruction. Much of the instruction I create involves multimedia development, including app development. I also develop apps to improve performance in organizations. My scholarly work has been published in multiple journals. I promote the reform of K-12 educational systems in the interest of equity and to foster the joy of learning. I enjoy assisting others through teaching, scholarly writing, editing, and multimedia development.

Explorations in Learning

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Researchers are explorers. In the field called learning science we engage in disciplined inquiries in attempts to better understand how we acquire knowledge and skills. Fruitful studies in learning science may involve inquiries in cognitive processing or learner motivation, for instance.

Practically, learning has much to do with engaging in new experiences and practicing. You may enjoy learning how to solve this puzzle and then refining your understanding and articulation of the solution.

Design and Development

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I engage in a cyclical development process, beginning with analysis and planning, then moving through design and development. For refinement purposes, I proceed through the process multiple times in light of feedback from clients and stakeholders.

During product development, app development and other forms of multimedia development, I use a variety of tools when creating and editing text, images, sound, and video; animating objects; enabling user interaction; and producing artifacts. A few development tools appear below.

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Instructional Technology

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App Design and Development; 3D Printing

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